Thursday, January 27, 2011

Whooo Ha!!!

Al Pacino, in Scent of a Woman said it. "Whooo haaaaa". We have become a society very dependent on branding to
make our purchasing decisions. When we are traveling we want to eat at certain restaurants "brands" because it we know what we can expect from those brands. When we buy jeans, we do so based on the brand. And with every brand we associate certain qualities. Ford trucks - tough. Porche cars - fast, exclusive and sexy. etc. We all want whooo ha!!!

Ben Vanderwoude recently had the idea of providing a "custom brand" for our rental homes. "Give them a choice of carpet and they feel like the home is theirs." We think Ben's concept is brillant and a major step in the right direction.

How much more does "whooo ha" cost? Well, my parents did a extension of their old home. They put in a bathroom that, to say it was whoo ha would be an understatement. Fancy italian marble, extra special fixtures - in short, whooo ha. I was at Home Depot years ago and I saw a close out on some 12x12 marble tiles that to me looked like the exactly same stuff my parents used.

Finally, people perceive a whooo ha brand is worth more than basic. As soon as the label on the underwear says "Victoria's Secret" it is worth way more anything you could possibly buy at Target - even if they look and feel exactly the same.

My point is, if you are creative and resourceful, whooo ha shouldn't cost anymore than basic and can give you a major competitive profit edge. And I am crystal clear it wouldn't cost anymore to put in the ad for the apartment "Custom/Designer - Ralph Lauren Style Home" as opposed to "Ranch for Rent".

I'd love to hear your specific ideas on whooo ha!

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