Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Making Money - No I Mean A Lot of Money

Real estate prices are at major lows.   You don't have to have a PhD in economics to know this is an amazing time to buy.  Actually it is only an amazing time to buy IF you invest in the right buildings and manage them right.   As good as the opportunity is, without those two components, the opportunity would get dissipated.

It is our intention to cherry pick and buy the very best properties and then manage them far better than anyone else in the business.  We're not interested in mediocrity.   To do that we need the best of the best property managers, contractors, investors, realtors and rental agents.    It doesn't cost that much more to get it right - it is mostly about vision, innovation and caring.

All our relationships are built with fair short term compensation and exceptional long term incentives to create the very best and most profitable rental homes in the business.  We're constantly looking for winners.  Whether they be other private investors that would like to expand their portfolio but can't raise the capital, or an exceptionally skilled contractor, rental agent/realtor or property manager that has amazing skills and would like to own a piece of something.

How does it work?  In return for either reducing or eliminating their fees, they get a piece of the ownership in the property.  It is that simple.  And that creates a series of amazing benefits to everyone.   Often it begins by buying the right house, at the right price, doing the renovation the right way and renting to the right tenant.   When that happens the value of the homes is worth considerably more than what is invested and the whole process begins working:
  • The property is already worth more than what we have invested in it.
  • The property will be easy to manage because it is in the best neighborhood, it has been renovated right and we have attracted the best tenant.
  • In time, the property will appreciate.  Given that we're buying many properties for 1/4 of what they sold for at their peak there is a lot of room for appreciation.

And the most important part, our partners participate in all this with us.

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