Saturday, January 22, 2011

Leases - Cataloging and Using Optional Clauses

I just posted an idea about modifying a lease expiration date to coincide with the best leasing period, as opposed to just making it the "standard" (and mindless) one year from whenever it was signed. Assuming this is a good idea and you'd like to incorporate it, but you are afraid you might forget it - something I am almost certainly destined to do especially after having accumulated a couple dozen options or variables for leases.

Recently I devised a very simple solution. My lease is typed very neatly in a Word (microsoft) file. Every time I have a variable/option I want to at least consider when creating a new lease I type "xxx: and my notes" and then the instructions. So, for example, next to the lease termination date I put in "xxx: terminate lease in May or June only". I use a mail merge to create my lease and then i search "xxx:" and each of my variable notes is identified. One by one I modify those variables and delete my notes. That process is quite quick and easy and have found it be very effective at incorporating all my ideas.

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