Sunday, January 16, 2011

Flowers, Cookies and Wine!!!!

A year ago I moved into a new apartment.     Moving is a major life event.   There is an office downstairs and an apartment in the front of my building.  I didn't expect anyone to come over, introduce themselves, or bake me cookies, or bring over a bottle of wine - but it would have been really nice if someone had.

But nothing.

No introductions.  No cookies.  Nothing.

One friend came over with a couple of plants.   I was so amazingly grateful.

As a landlord, this is a another wonderful opportunity to create the right "spin" on your relationship with your tenants.

I've heard it said that most tenants decide within the first 30 days of moving into an apartment/house if they will renew their lease in one year.  Why not start the relationship with an act that positively builds the relationship?   Not just cookies, flowers or wine - but a nice card, nice gift wrapping and a happy smile welcoming them to their new home.

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