Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Employees Suck

Employees suck. Lets call it like it is. Who would you rather have an employee or a highly specialized, very competent partner. An employee does what they've got to do. A partner does what needs to get done - and then some!

Our partners have had brilliant ideas for making our investment homes the best. Everything from ideas on how to renovate the homes so they are more than "white box" specials to choosing the right tenants to finding bargain homes.

And our partners have executed our collective ideas way beyond ordinary. Just walk into one of our homes and you'll see many many exceptional details.

When do our partnerships work the best? It is simple. Whether our partner is a realtor/rental agent, contractor, property manager or other investor looking to expand their portfolio, and have these qualities:

1) They Care. They want to make it the best it can be. It is a reflection of who they are.

2) Ownership. They like being owners and participating in the upside of the project. They like having the incentives of being an owner.

3) Smart. They understand wealth is built over time by doing it right. They are patient and understand that if the details are nailed the project will create an amazing amount of wealth over time. They get that fee income is great but the second you stop running on the treadmill the income stops. Investment income is durable and replaces our hard efforts over time.

4) Capacity. They make the extra time, energy, intention and capacity to invest in a project, knowing that in the long run their efforts will be returned many fold.

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